Central Bedfordshire Children's Services Procedures Manual

Welcome to this online version of the policies, procedures, and guidance for Central Bedfordshire’s Children’s Services. We will continue working to develop and refine this manual so it becomes a useful resource; collecting relevant guidance to enable practitioners and managers to have confidence that their practice is supported by up to date policies and procedures.

This manual is updated every six months to ensure that it contains the latest versions of the relevant policies and procedures for Children’s Services. In this update, 23 procedures have been updated and two new procedures included. For a full list of all the updates please see the Amendment table.

Before using this manual for the first time, please refer to the 'Quick guide' and Online Manual Features Overview. You can access these by using the buttons on the left-hand side of the screen. Section 3 of the Quick Guide also contains a brief guide to what has changed in this version of the manual.

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For further details or any queries about the manual, please contact Sharon Keenan, Practice Manager, Conferencing and Review, Professional Standards (Sharon.Keenan@centralbedfordhshire.co.uk).

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