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Early Help and Support


This chapter was updated in March 2017 with a link to the MARAC.

Early Help and support reflects the widespread recognition that it is better to identify and deal with problems early rather than respond when difficulties have become acute and demand action by services which often are less effective and more expensive. Although research shows that the most impact can be made during a child's early years, Early Help is not just for very young children as problems may emerge at any point throughout childhood and adolescence.

Early Help includes using targeted services designed to reduce or prevent specific problems from getting worse and becoming deep seated or entrenched.

For details of Central Bedfordshire's Early Help Offer, Early Help Assessment templates and Step Up/Step Down process, see Early Help For All Who Need It (Central Bedfordshire).

For information on the MARAC – Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference

Further Information can be found on Early Help Assessment (CAF) Central Bedfordshire Council website.

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